What is The Muskrat?

The Muskrat is basically a casino willkommensbonus ohne einzahlung 2020 of Randomism and various serious newspapers, like The Onion. Nothing we do is original in any way. Unoriginality is coincidentally the second most important requirement for legitimate journalism (the first requirement is a messianic sense of persistent self-validation despite all harm caused. We have this, too).

Who is involved?

In the best online slots with free spins on registration no deposit are two people involved. In no particular order (except awesomeness) they are:

El Borracho, your friendly drunken aristocrat. He writes, codes, makes pictures, talks to people, and speaks in third person.

The Other Guy, also known as Rev. Filbert “Red Herring” Ydalv, is the shy one, much like George (or Ringo) of some band that nobody knows or cares about anymore. He writes, codes, makes pictures, and sometimes talks to people, but not a lot because he’s supposed to be “the shy one”. He has a reputation to keep.

These are probably not our real names, even on Furcadia most of the time, but as journalists, it is our duty to deceive you.

Fine, I guess there are also a small army of reporters, photojournalists, and illustrators. Some of them actually do more than us, but that’s a secret the world will never know.

Since they are payed only in Furcadia cookies and bottles of stale fermented wrestler sweat (goes very well with an entr�e of saut�ed bruss�els sprouts), we feel that the most dedicated of the underlings should get some sort of inadequate mention.

In no particular order, they are: Kiyichichi, Damadar, Auora, Chibi Edward, Chaos Nake, The Masked Elf, Xxysthstris, Ahezhara, Pods, Kittyloaf, Honcho, and [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE].

Why “The Muskrat”?

We don’t really remember why we picked that name. It probably had something to do with divine inspiration, Satan telling us what to do, whatever.

How can I join The Muskrat?

You can’t! There’s nothing to join! You can send us stuff, though.

Where’s The Muskrat Dream?

There’s an unofficial Muskrat dream by Nash, Kittyloaf, and Kiyichichi sometimes up in AI or somewhere. It’s pretty cool.


Bananas are a great source of potassium. Potassium helps build muscle
power and keeps your body fluids in balance.

For the love of all that is furry, what’s happened to the Furcadia I once loved?!

It exploded in a massive volcanic eruption, sank into the ocean, and is now an underwater SpongeBob-themed Build-a-Home. Good question, thanks for asking!

So, is The Muskrat dead now or something?

Yeah, it’s mostly dead. It lasted a full year (exactly) before the ship went down with all hands. There may be a few survivors, though, bobbing to the surface on crude, badly constructed rafts. Check back every few months, you might find something new. Don’t bet your hard-earned or hard-scammed dragonscales on it, though!


The First One – April 28, 2006�C

The Second One – May 6, 2006�K

The Third One – Mae 14, 2006 BCE

The Fourth One – Mayo 21, 2006 AD

The Fifth One – Mayn’t 28, 2006 GHz

The Sixth One – Jy���n 4, 2006 km/h

The Seventh One – June 12, 2006 PM

The Eighth One – J00n 18, 2006 Watts

The Ninth One – Jean 25, 2006 Noses

The Tenth One – July 2, 2006 Years Ago

The Eleventh One – Julie 10, 2006 Dollars

The Twelfth One – Jewelry 16, 2006.141593

The Thirteenth One – Jello 23, 2006 and a half

The Fourteenth One – Julius 31, 11111010110

The Fifteenth One – August 7, 2006 Huge Mollusks

The Sixteenth One – Augh!!ust 14, 2006 Pink Onions

The Seventeenth One – Awgust 20, 2006 Space Odyssey

The Eighteenth One – �′gəst 28, 2006 Red And Blue Herrings

The Nineteenth One – September 9, 2006 Trombones Led The Big Parade

The Twentieth One – Sap Timbre 18, 2006 funny little guys with hats and sausage

The Twenty-First One – Zept Ember 25, 2006

The Twenty-Second One – October 4, 2006, man

The Twenty-Third One – Oktober 9, 2006, you fool!

The Twenty-Fourth One – Octopus 15, 2006.000000

The Twenty-Fifth One – Octavius 23, 2006 6 6 6 6 6 6 6…

The Twenty-Sixth One – Occitan 31, 2006 disembodied toes

The Twenty-Seventh One – Novembre 6, 2006 references to Machiavelli

The Twenty-Eighth One – Novemburr 20, 2006 shares of Haliburton stock

The Twenty-Ninth One – Novimbar 26, 2006 big smelly fish that you can’t eat

The Thirtieth One – December 4, 2006 words that I typed in here to fill up space

The Thirty-First One – Dessert bar 11, 2006 I’m going to have to start over again now

The Thirty-Second One – Decider 18, 2006 things

The Thirty-Third One – Dodecamber 25, 2006 chipmunks

The Thirty-Fourth One – January 2, 2007 confused chickens

The Thirty-Fifth One – Unaware 8, 2007 broken red drum sticks

The Thirty-Sixth One – Juarez 16, 2007 kiosks shaped like Rosalyn Carter

The Thirty-Seventh One – Chinny Wary 29, 2007 monstrous playthings of Freud

The Thirty-Eighth One – February 5, 2007 sadly obvious legacies of oppression

The Thirty-Ninth One – FUBARary 12, 2007 bottles of rancid old beer on the wall

The Fortieth One – Fap Urinary 19, 2007 gibbons, only the most delicious gibbons

The Forty-First One – Febbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbrgh 27, 2007 straight male pancakes

The Forty-Second One – March 5, 2007 mph

The Forty-Third One – Marsch 12, 2007 mmph

The Forty-Fourth One – Marx 20, 2007 brothers

The Forty-Fifth One – Mars 26, 2007 red planets

The Forty-Sixth One – April 5, 2007 pretty crayons

The Forty-Seventh One – Aspirin 15, 2007 humanimals

The Forty-Eighth One – Avril 25, 2007 years in the future

The Forty-Ninth One – Aprrrl (sorry) 28, 2007 dumb cat noises

The Fiftieth One – Urpal 28, 2008 ummmmm, I don’t know, we’re tired

You can also see a lovely comic called Guardianman here. This was a noble experiment we tried for a while, which ended just as it got interesting.

Links of fresh muskrat sausage

We thought it would be helpful if, in your desperate attempt to leave this site, we provided a means to do so. Here, then, are some links to websites that are in some way related to Furcadia (or not).

Furcadia’s website
Any Furcadia link collection would be incomplete without this, and also they’d murder us. With sharpened watermelon rinds.

Furcadia on Wikipedia
Furcadia is notable!

Furcadian Randomism
The arch-nemesis of The Muskrat. Luckily they don’t do much anymore, or we would be out of a job. We will destroy them soon.

Hyoomans on Furcadia
We submitted our photograph, but I guess they take the “Hyooman” part seriously.

Furcadia Quote Database
Furres say the darnedest things! (beware of profanity, kids!)

Furcadia Historical Society
Old Furcadia stuff.

Furcadia Technical Resources
A site that has technical resources for Furcadia.

A proxy. What’s a proxy? We have no idea.

Mreow! Proxy
Another proxy, this time with random punctuation.

Furcadian Poinsettia Eaters Association
Someday we will grow up to be a real newspaper.

From 1969-The Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled!
I am not Graham Chapman.