Secret Service Agent Geraldo: No. Move away, sir.
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: We are not genos.
The Muskrat hisses!
The Muskrat remembers he can't hiss...
The Muskrat wanders off.
George Walker Bush: And I thought I knew Texas...
The Muskrat: George Bush doesn't care about furry people.
Azuri Uotaki: lol
Azuri Uotaki: true
George Walker Bush: I believe that God loves everyone. Doesn't mean I have to.
Naeva: !!!
Naeva: It's back. HRT
George Walker Bush: You people are unamerican!
George Walker Bush: If you're not with us, you're against us!
Yasabu: Sounds right
Azuri Uotaki: i know in Ukrainian and im in america 4 years
Azuri Uotaki: in--im*
George Walker Bush: On behalf of our fine nation, I welcome you, Arzui Utokakkaii
The Muskrat is cookied relentlessly. :~(
Naeva: It's relentless adoration!
Azuri Uotaki: thank you
George Walker Bush: You wouldn't happen to be a terrorist, would you?
Azuri Uotaki: so sorry if im spell something wrong im still leorning
George Walker Bush squints at Aruzi suspiciously.
Azuri Uotaki: helll no
George Walker Bush: Good.
The Muskrat eats cookies as he watches Bush interact with the furres
Azuri Uotaki: ukrainians are good
George Walker Bush: Stop watching me, The Muskrat. I know all about you.
The Muskrat: Don't you want everyone to watch you?
George Walker Bush: We tap your phone.
Azuri Uotaki: at least the ones i know
Pellot: Nanooo
Pellot: Stikamw/me?
Azuri Uotaki: i just came home from dance practice and im so soured
The Muskrat applauds Naeva's choice of links.
George Walker Bush: I'm just sayin, we have a saying down in Texas. Fool me once, we tap your phone. Fool me twice.... .... Stop looking at me.
Pellot: Sylver <3333
Naeva grins.
Naeva: I'm a fan.
Azuri Uotaki: try falling into splits avery 5 seconds it hurts
The Muskrat: Really? I'm an air conditioner.
George Walker Bush: I can't believe my fellow Texans made a game like this. It's inpatriotic!
Naeva: Send them to Iraq.
Pure Bailon: Hi
George Walker Bush: It... you... it's an honor to be sent to fight for our country in Iraq!
The Muskrat: Bailon212 is impure.
Ka-Lyrra: what the hell...
Naeva: Then go to Iraq.
George Walker Bush: I went there. It was hotter'n a horse's flayed back on a pile a hay!
The Muskrat: and twice as deadly...
Naeva giggles.
Ka-Lyrra titls her head "Again, what the hell?"
George Walker Bush: I jus' thought I'd pay a visit here to my fellow Americans. As for those of you who aren't Americans... well, you will be soon.
Olive: Naeeeeeeeeeeee <3
Naeva: HRT
Ka-Lyrra: Dude, im not American, im Canadian, and ill never be american so bite me.
The Muskrat: So, George Walker... have you done any walking lately? Ha ha ha!
Secret Service Agent Gus smacks The Muskrat.
Naeva drags Livey down!
The Muskrat whimpers
George Walker Bush: Nah, there's oil in Canada. You'll be American soon enough. ;-)
Naeva snickers.
Ka-Lyrra smerks "Like hell!" shakes her head "Stupid idiot."
George Walker Bush: My momma always told me, stupid is as stupid does...
Naeva: I believe it would me ma, not momma.
George Walker Bush: And life is like a box of chocolates...
George Walker Bush: never know... .... fool me twice, can't fool me again!
Ka-Lyrra shruggs "Whatever, ill never be a stupid American, even if it kills me, id rather kill you then ba an American."
Naeva: Ouch.
George Walker Bush: Terrorist!!!
Yasabu: Woot
Secret Service Agent Joe tackles Ka-Lyrra!
Ka-Lyrra Kicks the Agent away
Ka-Lyrra chuckles "And your point?"
George Walker Bush: Subdue the terrorist, my minions!
Ka-Lyrra: nice job, dumb &$?
Naeva: There's a typo in the third ed.
Pure Bailon: Um
George Walker Bush: We do not tolerate terror!!!
George Walker Bush: I hate terror!!!!
Ka-Lyrra: Pansy, stupid president
George Walker Bush: Terror... terror makes me afraid... and fear leads to destruction...
Ka-Lyrra: And you point is?
George Walker Bush: Er... uh... my point....
George Walker Bush: Iraq caused 9-11!
Ka-Lyrra: Nice, tell me when i should care.
George Walker Bush coughs.
George Walker Bush: You have awakened a sleeping giant.
George Walker Bush: or. dragon.
George Walker Bush: Dragon?
Ka-Lyrra: Facinating, still dont care
George Walker Bush: Geraldo, am I a dragon or a giant?
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: I don't know, sir.
George Walker Bush makes a pensive expression.
Ka-Lyrra shakes her head "#&$?ing idiot
George Walker Bush: Hmm... I bet Iran caused 9-11 too... with their nucular weapons... hmm...
The Muskrat: Don't forget the Democrats!
Ka-Lyrra: You guys are #&$?ing retarded, you know?
George Walker Bush: So they tell me.
Gold Sword: secret serice
George Walker Bush: But I've never been one to listen to "people".
Ka-Lyrra chuckles
George Walker Bush: cuz I'm 'MERican!
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: Sir, we have a situation.
Ka-Lyrra: Yeah well 'MERican's suck &$?
George Walker Bush: What is it, G-man?
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: Er. Intelligence suggests that most people in Furcadia don't like you.
George Walker Bush: What?!
George Walker Bush: Goldangit!
Ka-Lyrra: No really, and why would that be? Oh becuse you suck &$?
Naeva: SSAG, most people on Furcadia just jump at that chance to not like something.
The Muskrat mutters, "Same thing for Americans, actually..."
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: Yes, sir. I'm afraid we have to remove you to a secure location.
Kuuhaku: Zuki bebi <3
Naeva: I hear Vinca's secure.
George Walker Bush: Well, shucks. I guess I better skedaddle.
Ka-Lyrra: Yeah, you skedaddle before i slit your thoat
Naeva: I'm sensing hostility.
George Walker Bush: Thank you Americans and soon-to-be Americans!
George Walker Bush: God bless!
Kuuhaku: George, is your sn America's president with a Chuck Norris flare to it?
The Muskrat: Threatening to murder the president is a great idea!
George Walker Bush nods to Geraldo and points to Ka-Lyrra.
Kuuhaku: XD
Ka-Lyrra: I know, i should try it some time. like maybe now,
George Walker Bush steps into a private helicopter and flies off triumphantly!
The Muskrat: Well, that was exciting.
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: Sir, would you mind coming with us?
The Muskrat: Also, I should point out that the W stands for Walker.
Ka-Lyrra: Im not a #&$?ing guy and where am i going?
Kuuhaku: Cuthulu for 2008, guys. Why pick the lesser of the two evils?
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: Guantanamo Ba- I mean, we just want to ask you some questions.
Ka-Lyrra chuckles "Why not, got nothing better to do."
Secret Service Agent Geraldo: Hmm. That didn't go as I expected.
Nrxia Seven chills.
Secret Service Agent Geraldo lets Ka-Lyrra slip through the cracks of beaurocracy.
Kuuhaku snipes off Agent Geraldo from the rooftop.
Ka-Lyrra: What, did you expect me to put up a fight? Im bored, nnothing better to do
Kuuhaku flees to Mehico.
Secret Service Agent Geraldo dodges with his superhuman Secret Service reflexes and disappears somehow.
Kuuhaku: XD
Secret Service Agent Phil: Huh? Oh, we're leaving.
Secret Service Agent Phil disappears too.