The Muskrat is having a contest! Oh yes! It's a contest where you write stuff, and we decide how good it is! YAY!!!! It must be exciting because we're using a lot of exclamation points!!

We've tried suggestions, reverse psychology, and even straight begging, but we haven't been able to convince our readers to write for us (except that one time). Now we're trying a new tactic: giving away prizes in exchange for articles! Yeah!! Jumbo/LARGE!!!

What prizes, you ask? Well...



Well, Jimmy, the winners will get these lovely, fabulous, scrumptious, yummy, delicious, mmm, mmm, sexy prizes, supplied by the fantastic folx at Howl Audio:

  1. Grand Prize: A year of dragon, a portrait space, and a custom-made portrait, drawn by our very own The Other Guy (aka Ydalv), who can't draw!
  2. Slightly Less Grand Prize: A year of Phoenix, AZ and a portrait space
  3. Somewhat Awesome Prize: A year of triwings
  4. Pretty Good Prize: A portrait space
  5. Okay Prize: Five Golden DragonScales, four calling birds, three French horns... actually, just five Gold DragonScales
  6. Acceptable Prize: Two Dold GragonSales and 10 Sliver Draggin' Skalezz
  7. Pointless Prize: 20 Silver DragonScales
  8. Mildly Insulting Prize: 100 Copper DragonScales
  9. Completely Insulting Prize: 1 Copper DragonScale

Whoa, that's like 25 prizes or something! Quick, write something! Maybe you'll win something! Actually, you'll probably win something because we have so many damn prizes! Wouldn't that be awesome? Yeah! That would totally rock!



Write us an article, silly! Use the articles we've written as a guide, but you can do your own thing. It just has to be funny and about Furcadia. Your entry should be between 50 and 500 words in length, but we probably won't murder you if you don't follow that exactly. You can only submit one entry, unless you trick us.


WHEN IS IT DUE?!!!?!???!!?!

Send your submission, along with the character name you'd like your prize to be given to, to to to to by 11:59 PM FST on Friday, September 29. If you send anything after that time, we will LAUGH at you, like this: "Ha ha ha ha ha!"

We'll announce the winners whenever we get around to it, which should be about a couple days afterwards. Then, all the articles will appear in their own issue of The Muskrat, heavily censored.



That's the spirit, n00b! Now get writing!



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