Secret log! All of this actually happened! No, really!

Felorin waltzes in and sits down on a cushion next to Emerald Flame, wrapping a paw around her shoulders.
Emerald Flame giggles girlishy and kisses his cheek.
[ Felorin whispers, “So, buddy, did you get that new update done yet?” to sanctimonious. ]
[ sanctimonious whispers, “We just HAD an update! You can’t expect me to get all of these bugs fixed, work on the new graphic engine, accounts, AND group packages this fast!” to Felorin. ]
sanctimonious works on coding, ignoring the couple.
Emerald Flame: Is something bothering you Timo? You seem… a little upset. #SA
Felorin: He’s just jealous he can’t code as fast as I can! #SE
sanctimonious: … I’m fine Lady Flame, thank you.
[ Felorin whispers, “I can’t believe you’re so slow! I already have all the DS lines done already. Honestly, I have nothing to do!” to sanctimonious. ]
Emerald Flame: Well, you realise you can talk to us about anything. #SD
[ sanctimonious whispers, “I do believe the proportion of work on your end is smaller.” to Felorin. ]
Felorin: Don’t worry about him sweetie, I’m sure he’ll talk when he’s finished his work.
sanctimonious mutters to himself as he stabs at the keys with his paws in a rather violent manner.
[ Felorin whispers, “You’re the one that WANTED to be lead programmer. Sheesh, if it’s too much for you I could do it all.” to sanctimonious. ]
[ Emerald Flame whispers, “You sure he’s okay? I wonder if he and Pwwka had a fight…” to Felorin. ]
[ sanctimonious whispers, “I’d really appreciate if you didn’t act like you’re king of the world Sir Felorin, when I have all kinds of things programmed into the client should you happen to do such a thing.” to Felorin. ]
Felorin: WHAT?! How DARE you pervert my game!
sanctimonious: I grow tired of your mistreatment of me, Felorin. This needs to stop or I’ll reveal those pictures to all of Furcadia!
Emerald Flame blinks and looks between the two. “What the..?”
Felorin: You wouldn’t DARE! Who was it that took you in when you were just a beggar fox on the streets? Who was it that gave you a job that you could excel at? I let you program my game, for Primes’ sake! You should be more grateful!
sanctimonious: You don’t even TRY to work on the game anymore! All you do is make sweet love to your precious DS lines – it’s disgusting! You think you’re some big coder guru but guess what?! YOU AREN’T! I’m putting my paw down, enough is enough. You’re GONE!
Felorin: WHA-
Felorin has been kicked from Furcadia.
Emerald Flame: Timo! I.. what’s gotten into you?!
sanctimonious: I’m sorry Lady Flame, but it is I who truly loves you, not Felorin. Come, let us rule Furcadia together as a true couple. I’m sure the game will improve with him out of the picture.

Around then this reporter was discovered and ejected from the dream, so we don’t know if Emerald Flame accepted or not, but I think the latest announcement regarding the change of power should speak for itself.