Interview with Felorin
It's very long.

[=] System Announcement: We apologize for the glitch that kicked a lot of people off Furcadia and prevented whispers from working for some people during the last hour. Everything is fixed now and we don't anticipate any further difficulties. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Server going down. Back up shortly.


Felorin: Sorry about that.
Felorin: Had one more gateway to fix.
Dr. Medical: You lied, Felorin!
Dr. Medical: Prepare for my rage!
Felorin: Ok, Rage away. :-)
Dr. Medical rages! With great vigor!
Dr. Medical: Hmm... Would you care to be interviewed, Mr. Felorin?
Dr. Medical: It's for The Muskrat.
Felorin: For The Muskrat, any time. :-D
Dr. Medical: Hooray!
Felorin: Can they sell my alt Cocolorum Recquiescat for me?
Dr. Medical: They can sell anything!
[*] El Borracho requests permission to join your company. To accept the request, type `summon and press <enter>. To decline, type `decline and press <enter>
[*] El Borracho joins you.
El Borracho stumbles into view.
El Borracho: And you're sure you're available?
[*] The Muskrat requests permission to join your company. To accept the request, type `summon and press <enter>. To decline, type `decline and press <enter>
[*] The Muskrat joins you.
Dr. Medical burrows into the ground and disappears.
Felorin: Oh my, it's El Borracho.
Felorin: Patron Saint of modest quality mexican food TV dinners around the world.
Felorin: Or was that "El Burrito"? I always get them mixed up.
El Borracho blushes modestly.
El Borracho: No, that's me.
Felorin: You know, I *really* never understood why they put that bitter flavor into tamales.
Felorin: Can you offer any insights?
El Borracho: It's for world peace! I don't know. I should be asking the questions!
xRi: hi Felorin
Felorin: Hi.
El Borracho: Where did The Muskrat run off to??
Felorin: Ok, and tell me, why exactly do you feel you should be asking the questions?
Rouge Pheonix: cabbit
El Borracho: Why do insinuate that there's a possibility that I shouldn't be asking the questions?
Felorin: When you were small, did you always hope and dream that one day you would grow up to be asking all the questions?
Felorin: Don't take it personally. It's just standard procedure.
El Borracho: Isn't it everyone's dream to be an interviewer? Wasn't it yours?
Felorin: Did you know that I can yodel while Talzhemir is drinking a glass of water? You can't even see her lips moving!
El Borracho: Then you're a ventriloquist?
Felorin: My dream was to be the first stand-up comedian to sit on a chair or a stool on stage. I'd call myself a "sit-down comedian".
El Borracho: I see.
El Borracho: I should probably ask one question at a time, shouldn't I?
Felorin: How did that punchline go? "No no, the frog can't really sing. The dog is a ventriloquist!"
(You see Felorin.)
> Felorin is a silver and black tabby cat, wearing a mischievous grin - and a purple kimono embroidered with golden dragons. He has a moon and three stars painted on his cheekfur. The ring of The Circle is worn proudly on the ring finger of his right paw. (happily engaged to his sweet red-headed kitty) Comics!
The Muskrat yawns boredly and reads DMFA.
Kai Tatsu: hey Fel
Felorin: This is the twenty-first century, man. To get ahead of the times you should be asking 3 to 5 questions at once.
El Borracho laughs obligatorily!
Felorin: If you don't get any answers and keep going anyway, you might become a famous journalist!
Kai Tatsu: fel? Can I see your Gryffe?
Felorin: Or Geraldo. But that's the risk you have to take.
El Borracho: But let's get serious.
Felorin gryffes out.
El Borracho: I said serious!!!
Kai Tatsu: thanks
Kai Tatsu: Eagles!
Felorin points The Muskrat to the episode that features him in Pink Bunny Slippers. How's that for serious?
Kai Tatsu: can I see your eagle?
Kai Tatsu: I am doing you a present
Felorin: I bet your research department will stay up all night looking for that link now so you can include it in your next issue. :-D [editor's note: here it is!]
Kai Tatsu: So i need to see all your avatars
Kai Tatsu: thanks
Kai Tatsu: have ou got any ports?
The Muskrat: Yes indeed. You've ruined my night now. Thanks a lot, Felorin.
Felorin: All my avatars? I'll be up all night too. Where's my next 3 to 5 burrito related questions?
Felorin: I have way too many portraits. I know which one The Muskrat will want to see though.
Felorin: Is this my good side?

Yes, sir. Yes, it is.

Kai Tatsu:
Kai Tatsu: Can I see another port?
xPi: I like that port
Felorin: Ok, another...
El Borracho: Yes. Your whiskers are very attractive.
Kai Tatsu: thanks
Kai Tatsu: another?
xPi: that one's really nice
Felorin: By Kheshin. The h isn't silent, nor is the h. Or is it?
Felorin: Spades Mercurypale drew this one.
xPi: cool
Kai Tatsu: right, that should be enough
Kai Tatsu: have you got a dragon?
Felorin rubs some greasy kid stuff on his whiskers.
Kai Tatsu: wait
El Borracho: Ahh! I'm under attack!
Kai Tatsu: Can you please move Fashionable?
Felorin blows some rainbow pixy-stix dust into the microphone.
El Borracho: Stop it! You're ruining my equipment!
Kai Tatsu: thanks
Felorin: Is it an expensitive recording device?
Kai Tatsu: ok, right, AFF, doing Fel's present
The Muskrat: Elbow Rash is allergic to hearts, and to the emotion for which they stand.
Felorin checks his elbows.
El Borracho: I... I'm Elbow Rash, evidently.
Felorin: You know, with a dragon snout, you actually CAN bite your own elbow. Try it!
Felorin tries biting El Borracho then.
El Borracho looks stern suddenly. "Let's be serious, Felorin!"
Felorin: Ok. Why, are you shutting down The Muskrat and starting a new paper? :-D
El Borracho: Because I despise humor and - That's beside the point!
El Borracho coughs irritably.
Felorin: Ah, I see...
Felorin: So when did these feeling of self loathing first start? Are they related to your hatred towards your mother?
The Muskrat: The new newspaper will retain the content, style, and name of the current one, yet will be completely different.
Felorin: If I say the word "sublimated" at least twice an hour, I can get away with charging you an extra $25 an hour for this therapy, did you know that?
El Borracho: There is no new newspaper! Stop confusing me, The Muskrat!
Felorin: Sublimated. Mmmm.
El Borracho: I... I... this interview is....
El Borracho bursts into tears.
El Borracho: ...I am defeated...
The Muskrat: Once again.
Felorin: Say Muskrat, why don't you quit your job with him and come work for me? I'll give you an office with a scenic view of the Bronx, and all the birdcage liners you could ever want. Which isn't many, but all the better for me.
El Borracho: Don't listen to him!
El Borracho: It's a trick!
The Muskrat: Hmm.
The Muskrat: Where is this office located? If it's nowhere near the Bronx then I'll be impressed.
El Borracho: I need you, The Muskrat! Don't leave me!!
Felorin: I think our session is done here, Elbow-roni. Pay the receptionist on your way out, and we can continue your therapy next thursday.
El Borracho: No! No! I have a question!!!
The Muskrat: Enough, Elbow! I have bigger and more important friends now!
Felorin: Unless I'm too busy, in which case you can just mail in your check next week and stay home.
El Borracho: What motivated you to create the Truth or Dare Pool in Furrabian Nights?
Felorin: On second thought, better send cash, I'm still trying to cash your last check.
Felorin: I'll ask the questions here. Where were you on the night in question? Can you prove it? Why were your fingerprints found all over the bottle of tabasco sauce?
El Borracho: It... I didn't do it!
El Borracho: I was drunk!
El Borracho: I swear, I thought she was 18!
El Borracho: My dog ate it!
The Muskrat: Nice try, Mr. Foley. [editor's note: Who the hell is Mr. Foley?]
Felorin: I'm not going to be tripped up by your trick questions anyway. You know full well that someone ELSE made that pool and I just let them put my name on it. That just helps PROVE you're guilty! Now we're getting somewhere.
Felorin: Just how long have you and your dog been dating, Mr. The Borracho?
El Borracho: No! We're getting nowhere! I refuse to answer that question! We're not dating anymore!
Felorin: Muskrat, make sure you're getting down everything he says. We might be able to use some of it as dialog later for the cartoon in our new paper. I think I'll call it "GuiltyMan".
El Borracho: I'm innocent!
El Borracho: You've got to believe me!!!
El Borracho clutches at The Muskrat's leg, sobbing.
The Muskrat: Ew.
Felorin: Allright, I'll see if the DA can offer you a plea bargain. You'll agree to sign a confession stating that you're innocent, and we'll let you off with 2000 hours of community service painting polkadots on easter eggs.
Felorin: I know it's harsh, but if you work hard they'll send you home with all the chocolate bunnies you can carry.
The Muskrat: I agree, Felorin... with everything you say. EVERYTHING.
Felorin: That's funny, I don't.
El Borracho: Easter eggs? Chocolate Bunnies? It's October! You people are driving me crazy! I'm not crazy! You all are crazy!
The Muskrat: Well, then you're wrong! WRONG! WRONGWRONGWRONG!
xPi: The Muskrat I like that website
Felorin: Marry me, Muskrat, and you can decide what's right and what's wrong for both of us.
The Muskrat: Yessir.
El Borracho: Not crazy! Not crazy! Everyone else is!
The Muskrat: Thank you, xPi.
The Muskrat taps Elbow's shoulder and runs away before he can look.
Felorin: We can move into the butterfly wing factory. It might be rough at times, but you'd be surprised how much nutritional value those things have.
El Borracho looks over his shoulder. "Yes, sir?
El Borracho screams when he sees no one there.
El Borracho: Don't let Talzhemir hear you, Felorin!!
Felorin pours some of that mysterious brown mexican tv dinner sauce over El Borracho. What IS in that stuff anyway?
El Borracho is covered with sauce. "I am now delicious!"
The Muskrat: I don't know, but suddenly I have to go to the bathroom. AFK.
El Borracho: Don't leave me...!!!!
El Borracho: Felorin, you won't leave me, will you?
El Borracho: We're good buddies, Felorin, huh? Felorin, old pal? Buddy? I'll give you chocolate! Belgian chocolate!
Felorin: Well now that The Muskrat no longer loves me, who else do I have to keep me company?
Felorin: I can reassure you, in any case, you were already delicious BEFORE the sauce.
El Borracho: I will, Felly! I'll keep you company! Save me from the demons!
Felorin: And how did you know I like belgian chocolate? Are you one of my numerous stalkers? Why didn't you say so? Let's go out dancing!
El Borracho: Well, alright, though I only know how to do the cabbage patch.
Felorin: If I teach you the mashed potato, will we still be dancing, or is it dinner time?
El Borracho: Not for me, cabbage and potatoes don't agree with me.
Felorin: Ah, not Irish then.
Felorin: That's ok, Emerald Flame has that covered.
El Borracho: I'm Atlantean, myself.
El Borracho: Have you ever been? It's lovely this time of year.
Felorin: I haven't been back since that one dolphin started spreading unkind rumors about me.
The Muskrat: Oh no, the mob is arriving!
Raeana: Shh. :-)
El Borracho: AGH, THERE'S A BUG OVER THERE [editor's note: Artex is a Bugge]
El Borracho shrieks and hides behind Felorin.
Artex: Yea, run and hide - more space for me >:)
Raeana: Hehe
The Muskrat screams, "IT'S RAEANA! LOOK! RAEANA!!!"
xPi: hehe
Felorin: .....?
Raeana: Hey Fel :-)
Felorin: Hi Raeana.
Raeana blinks.
The Muskrat: Wow, you're right.
Raeana: Take a picture? It might last longer
Raeana: ?
Artex wonders if someone spotted Felorin standing in Meo and chained summons began up to a gathering like this :P
El Borracho does so.
El Borracho: Well, we were trying to interview him, but it sort of didn't work out somehow.
Felorin swings his tail around.
Artex: Need to schedule that stuff, heh :P
Moynelle: There.
The Muskrat: Ack!
Kai Tatsu: Hey Fel
El Borracho: Is Felorin such a busy man?
Kai Tatsu: back again
Felorin: I think it worked out great, oh Great Burrito. We've got a preliminary profile of your childhood psychoses and neuroses that should be good for enough billable hours of further psychoanalysis to pay for my next trip to Hawaii.
The Muskrat: I've been knocked down by Felorin's tail. I feel honored, or perhaps honoured.
Kai Tatsu: Felorin, whats your favourite colour?
JKTikka: Felorin... a pleqasure to meet you
Felorin: My pleasure, JKTikka. :-)
Felorin: My favorite color is purple.
JKTikka faints
Felorin: See, The Borracho, is that so hard? Study how Kai does that. You Could Have An Exciting Career In Journalism!
El Borracho cries.
Artex: Journalism nowadays involves lots of imagination ;-)
Moynelle: And lies :-)
Moynelle: I mean. ;P
El Borracho: Moynelle gets it!
Felorin: Oh you don't have to make up any of the lies yourself.
Artex: Well, it's not lies, it's something people make up - imagination, y'see =]
El Borracho: I don't?
Felorin: You just go to the White House press briefings and they supply all the lies for you!
Moynelle: Ha. ;-)
The Muskrat: El Borracho's real name is Jayson Blair. [editor's note: Who the hell is Jayson Blair?]
Moynelle: Lol, Fel.
El Borracho: It is?
xPi: hehe
Felorin: Nice portrait, Tikka. :-)
The Muskrat: Yes.
JKTikka: thanks :-)
JKTikka: oops
JKTikka: dont wanna be a girl
JKTikka: WTF
El Borracho: But you people don't provide any press releases! We have to make up the lies ourselves!
The Muskrat types "look jk" but it doesn't understand that he was just kidding.
Artex: Not even for a moment? ;-)
Moynelle: Meep, my Phoe port.
Moynelle: So how's Felorin doing? :P
JKTikka: yay
El Borracho appears to still be staring at Felorin's rear.
Felorin: Purrty good.
Kai Tatsu: Fel, ur present is almost done
Moynelle: Good good :-)
xPi: how are you Artex
Felorin: So how's Fantasy anyway? Haven't heard from him in ages. :-)
Moynelle: He's doing good. :-)
Artex: Rather relaxed and.. yea.. :P
The Muskrat: It's hypnotizing.
Artex: Could be better, but oh well. Can't get everything you want in life
Moynelle: Aw.
El Borracho: I concur, The Muskrat.
Felorin: You know, Musky, I know someone else with the same first name as you.
Felorin: The Enigma. :-D
The Muskrat: Perhaps we're related!
Moynelle loves Enigma, the band ;P
El Borracho: I'd have the same first name too if I wasn't Spanish :-(
Artex has nearly all their music >:P
Moynelle bops Art. :-(
Moynelle: Give?
xPi has one or two songs from them
Artex: That's quite a bother to transfer...
Felorin: The Enigma has a band too. I have his one CD.
Felorin: Human Marvels is the name of his band.
Moynelle: Hmm..
El Borracho: Ew! Nothing marvelous about those disgusting creatures!
El Borracho shudders.
The Muskrat: How... enigmatic.
JKTikka: helicopter!
xPi: Artex which songs don't youhave?
JKTikka Stops
Kai Tatsu: Fel, here is your present, at last:
El Borracho: Felorin, would you mind turning slightly?
Artex: I don't know, perhaps if I have the complete list.. I have entire albums from my bro
Felorin: Turning slightly into what?
The Muskrat: Cash.
Moynelle: Kinky
Felorin: Is this an Alice in Wonderland themed question?
El Borracho: Into a person who's facing NW or NE.
Felorin: Wow, that's very existential, Mr. The Burrito.


El Borracho: There, that's a pretty good shot.
Felorin: Or maybe you just wanted a better look at my firm, nicely shaped behind.
Kai Tatsu: Fel, dso you like your present?
Moynelle: Haha
Felorin: Yes, thank you very muck Kai.
JKTikka: what did i miss???
Felorin: I have to show that to Emerald now. :-)
El Borracho: You are very astute, Felorin!
The Muskrat: I think you should name that Furcadia Screenshots on a Field of Purple.
JKTikka: wo slow down
Kai Tatsu: I did one for Talz too
JKTikka: Emerald?
Kai Tatsu: is talzhemir's one
Felorin thinks of a bad pun that's beneath even Gar. He sensibly keeps it to himself.
Kai Tatsu: Emerald is Emerald Flame, JK
Kai Tatsu: Fel, is Emerald online?
Kai Tatsu: I want to do one for Emerald too
Felorin: Emerald is working on stuff for the update right now.
Kai Tatsu: ok
El Borracho: You're wasting your time doing them for these unimportant people, Kai Tatsu! I'm the REAL power behind Furcadia!
Kai Tatsu: do you like Talzhemir's one?
JKTikka: kai, check ur inbox
Kai Tatsu cries
The Muskrat: Will the update be ready by 2010, Mr. Felorin?
The Muskrat attempts to hold a microphone up to Felorin's mouth and fails.
El Borracho: Yes, that's it! Interview!
The Muskrat: Does anyone have a box?
Moynelle blinks.
Kai Tatsu: No, I am not wasting my time
JKTikka: kai
Kai Tatsu: I am doing that in my spare time
Kai Tatsu: when I am bored
JKTikka: check ur inbox
Kai Tatsu: and JK, I am checking my inbox As we speak
JKTikka: okies :-)
Moynelle: So who's the big boss of Furcadia? ;P
El Borracho: That would be me.
Moynelle laughs.
El Borracho cries.
Moynelle: Free digo please? ;-)
The Muskrat: Felorin has gone silent. He wishes to evade our hard questions.
El Borracho: I'm afraid I don't give digos, you'll have to ask my subordinate, Felorin.
Moynelle: Brain fart most likely :-)
Felorin dips the microphone in melted chocolate.
Moynelle: Yum.
xPi: mmm, choc mic
The Muskrat: Everyone wants Felorin's chocolate-covered microphone.
Kai Tatsu: JK, check ur emails
The Muskrat: Actually, it's mine, but that's not important, for I am a hippie pinko communist.
Kai Tatsu: I replied
El Borracho: That microphone was expensive....
JKTikka: k
JKTikka: 6/2536 :~(
Felorin: ?
Kai Tatsu: what?
The Muskrat: JK has confused everybody.
Moynelle: Hello Takuto :-)
Takuto Ryuko: Hello! :-)
Moynelle: I remember that name from somewhere. *thinks*
Takuto Ryuko: Be right back..
Moynelle: ^^;
Moynelle: Alright.
El Borracho: Such a large group of people... and they're all here to see me...

Kai Tatsu:
I am not here to see u El, I am here to see Felorin
El Borracho: Well, he's my alt.
Kai Tatsu: Sure
Artex: I am here to see.. well, it's 'cause she dragged me ¬.¬
El Borracho: This is my main, though.
Kai Tatsu: Make Felorin talk and move then El
El Borracho: O....okay....
El Borracho prods Felorin.
Artex: Or make him disconnect :-D
Felorin prawns El Borracho.
JKTikka: good one :-)
El Borracho: See!
El Borracho: I made him say that.
Kai Tatsu: OK, what is he going to say next?
JKTikka: make him turn his dragon off
Felorin: So do you know what I named the very latest Magic: The Gathering deck I made?
El Borracho: You think I can tell the future??
Kai Tatsu: yeah, make Fel change his Dragon to his wings
El Borracho: Oh, he was going to say something about Magic: The Gathering.
JKTikka: omfg
Moynelle blinks.
Takuto Ryuko ish back..
El Borracho: I would, but I have a headache
Felorin: It's called "Flaming Squirrel Cannon". Honest.
Takuto Ryuko: But.. to return to turmoil..
JKTikka: 2535 emails in inbox and 93% is junk
The Muskrat: Are the squirrels flaming or is the cannon? Perhaps both?
Kai Tatsu: Fel, are you El's alt?
Felorin: My Squirrel Cannon idea didn't work at all.
Moynelle: Takuto, I think I remember helping you out one time.
Moynelle: You messaged me with an alt of yours.
Felorin: But when I ditched the Ironfist Crusher and came up with Flaming Squirrel Cannon - it works great!
Takuto Ryuko: You may have! Alt?
Takuto Ryuko: Hmm..
Moynelle: I think so.
Artex: Gotta like mail content filtering in Ash's server and all the blacklists my brother implemented in his ^-^
Takuto Ryuko: I can't think of any alts..
Moynelle: Hmm.
Takuto Ryuko: Maybe from my friend's house..?
Kai Tatsu: Fel, are you El's alt?
Moynelle nods.
El Borracho: Yes, he is.
Kai Tatsu: I asked Felorin, not u El
El Borracho: But he's my alt, so it doesn't matter if I answer!
El Borracho: It's all me.
Virsian: Hey guyz.
Kai Tatsu: make Fel answer then
Moynelle: Howdy :-)
Felorin: Kai, El Borracho and I have never been seen in the same place at the same time. So you do the math.
xPi: there's a tv show on now called "It's me or the dog" in this episode there is this tiny dog that is between a husband and wife.. the husband can't get near the wife without being growled/snapped at by the dog
El Borracho: Well said, my alt.
Virsian: ...
Virsian: #&$.
Virsian: It's 5am man.
Kai Tatsu: offs, El, u are a b***h
El Borracho: Indeed I am!
Moynelle: watch the mouth :P
Virsian: I should go to bed soon.
Takuto Ryuko: It's 5:04 am..
Artex: Why, does he type with his mouth?
The Muskrat watches Virsian's mouth with binoculars.
Moynelle bops Art.
El Borracho: I tried that once. It's harder then you might think.
Virsian: Shut up.
Virsian: God damn you people.
Takuto Ryuko: xD;
Takuto Ryuko: Fun.
Artex: I've tried that, too, someone thought I've got so connected to my laptop that the connection became more intimate -.-;
El Borracho: Well, I think this interview is about over!
Moynelle: Haha.
The Muskrat: Quitter.
El Borracho: Thank you for your time, Felorin, who is my alt.
Virsian: What a moron.
El Borracho: Me, Virsian?
Virsian: I need a dragon.
Virsian: Yes, u.
El Borracho: Oh. Very perceptive!
Virsian: I need to be like the cool kids.
The Muskrat: There are three of them here. Make your selection.
Takuto Ryuko hasn't any digos <3
Virsian: urZ
Takuto Ryuko wants digos ;.;
The Muskrat hugs Moynelle with all his might!
Virsian: 2bad
Artex: I need free pass to US, Europe and Asia along with free global cellular support :P
Virsian: I have a bad virus in my computer.
El Borracho: Don't kill her, The Muskrat, like the others.
Moynelle hugs. :-)
The Muskrat: Elbow does not understand the meaning of fun. :-(
Felorin: Thank me, El Bodego, who I am and is me.

The...uh..."interview" ends here, though we continued to talk about boring things for a while.
Bonus logfile super happy time!

El Borracho: Fun is against my religion!
Virsian: Hopefully I'll be able to get blank CDs so I can burn my music before my computer really #&$?s up.
Felorin wiggles his tail at himself.
Moynelle: Gay happy hearts ;P
El Borracho gazes at his own attractive posterior.
The Muskrat: I prefer the heterosexual hearts, but I hear they're rare.
Takuto Ryuko: Very.
Takuto Ryuko: Trust me...
Virsian: I keep getting very thirsty.
El Borracho feels the urge to touch.... must resist!
Virsian: Really often lately.
Moynelle: Fel, who made you port?
Artex: Leave his bottom alone, El :P
El Borracho: I'm.... I'm trying to....
El Borracho forces himself to back away from the buttocks.
Auora Plushie pounces on Icey Wicy!
Artex: Welcome to the town meeting Oct2006 -.-;
Virsian: El Borracho r u like
Auora Plushie: Borry! Are you behaving? -.-
Virsian: 11 irl
El Borracho breathes a sigh of relief. "It is safe now.
El Borracho: Barely, Auora.
Artex: he wants to touch Fel's bottom
Moynelle: haha
Auora Plushie: Why? o.O
El Borracho: But I restrained myself!
Virsian: You &$?.
Auora Plushie: Ouu, I like Fel's port, that shading is sweet.
Felorin: This portrait is a Spades Mercurypale, but I have others.
El Borracho: I am indeed 11 and a &$?! Your perceptions are astounding!
Moynelle: Ah :-)
Auora Plushie: It's nice Fel :3
Takuto Ryuko: Indeed, nice.
Virsian: Felorin has 78 ports.
Takuto Ryuko can be cute, too, just watch - :3
Auora Plushie: Hmm.
Auora Plushie switches alts
Felorin: This portrait is be Serena Lightflower, with background by Honcho.
Artex plays with her tail idly
Moynelle: Nice
El Borracho: My portrait is by Talzhemir. [editor's note: default male canine portrait]
Moynelle: :P
Auora: Mine is by Edward Elric. :3
Moynelle: Mine's by Popcorn
xPi: Mine's by Dawnie
Moynelle: Hehe
Auora: Wow, I don't think I've seen one of her ports before xPi, I like it
Moynelle: 4am
The Muskrat: Yes, what?
The Muskrat: What am I staring at?
The Muskrat stares at Felorin instead.
Moynelle: hehe
El Borracho: Wouldn't you rather stare this way, honey?
Moynelle: Uh oh.
The Muskrat: Quiet, you!
El Borracho whimpers and remains silent.
xPi: I'm being ]va'd at O.O
Moynelle: xP
Artex thought so even though he filters all ]v instructions :P
Moynelle: xPi, I finally got my net fixed as you can tell.
xPi: cool
xPi: no more firewalls?
Moynelle: Eh. ;P
Moynelle: No sure yet :-)
xPi: did you mean your comp is back up?
Moynelle: Hm?
xPi: reinstalled windows etc
Moynelle: Yeah. Did that
Moynelle: Took only 15 minutes
Artex: Blah. Gotta dress up to go to dinner -.-
Moynelle: Aw.
Moynelle pats Art.
The Muskrat: Spill food on your suit in my honor.
Artex purrs
Takuto Ryuko: It's 5:20 AM -.-;
Auora huggles Icy
xPi: dinner? this time of day?
Moynelle: Wow
Takuto Ryuko: For me.
Moynelle: He lives in another country, silly
Takuto Ryuko::I
Artex: 1130 - 1330 - seems right to me
Moynelle nods.
Artex: He knows where I live ;-)
Moynelle: Oh really? ;-)
El Borracho: That would be lunch, silly!
Artex: Mrhmm
Takuto Ryuko: Brunch?
Moynelle laughs.
El Borracho: You must conform to me American standards!
El Borracho: my*
Takuto Ryuko: Ha, me. My.
Takuto Ryuko: u.u
Moynelle: ?
El Borracho: Don't laugh at me!
The Muskrat: and ye Scottish accent!
Takuto Ryuko: Simple engrish.
Artex avoid standards most of the time :P
El Borracho bursts into tears.
Takuto Ryuko consoles with cookies and hugs.
Auora: Dang. Artex. 5 is bad ):
Artex: 5?
Auora: Yesh, 5.
Moynelle: 4:25 am here.
Artex: 5 what?
Auora: 5 heimdall *bops*
El Borracho: 13:62 am here.
xPi: whats wrong with 5?
Moynelle: 2 for me xD
Moynelle: No clue what the numbers mean, but ok.
Auora: Try logging onto 5. You won't be able to move, `gomap or `fdl furc://
El Borracho: 3 for me, I'm extra hungry today.
El Borracho: But hold the mustard.
Felorin: Can you whisper on 5?
Auora: You're frozen pretty much, but it's not void... you can still see people moving and stuff.
Auora: Dang! Forget to try that!
xPi: I am on 5
Moynelle: whisper me?
Felorin: Has anyone else verified that Auora, or is it just you? :-D
xPi: I should reconnect an alt on it
Auora: Was just me so far when I was trying to log on alt on about 5 minutes ago.
Artex is on 2 so he doesn't know
Auora got busy with calls, forgot to mention it :-(
El Borracho: Troubleshoot well, my minions!
Artex should make a script to do the lookups for him - manual reconnection is annoying >.<
Moynelle: thingo!
Auora: Hmm, maybe it was just my alt that it hates/
Auora: Nevermind me then o.O
thingo: client glitch? I've had it happen on two windows where no port or gamescreen showed up
El Borracho wonders aloud if the recent server problems mean new features are coming.
Auora: is there any DS for "Set variable # to a random position on the map where the floor is type # and there is no furre"?
Artex: The problems are unrelated ;-)
Auora: It means the mice that run the server wheel weren't fed again.
El Borracho: Or the potato is rotting?
Moynelle decides to Color something.
Auora: Huh, it happened on my alt again.
Auora test whispers herself
xPi: Auora if its just for moving a player to the spot with 5:14, I just have the DS randomize the positions a few times
Artex: I'll be back in half an hour
Moynelle: Alright art :-)
Auora: lol xPi, wrong alt of mine
Auora: Well, it's a call :-P
xPi: I tried ¶:
Moynelle: Enjoy Dinner :-)
Auora: And no masons on soooooo
Artex: Thanks ;-)
Moynelle: ^^
xPi: I didn't find DS that would find a random spot where there is no player so i had to do some workarounds
Auora: xPi, can I summon an alt of yours?
thingo: sure
xPi: yes
El Borracho: My stomach appears to be speaking to me.
Takuto Ryuko: Be right back, everyone.
Auora: My alt is stuck there, can't move :P
xPi: thingo is frozen
Auora: Can whisper, but clicking the map buttons or trying links and such don't work
Auora: XD
xPi: thingo still sees us
Auora: Hmm, I'll see if I can summon my alt
El Borracho: It says, "Stop wasting your time on Furcadia and attend to my demands, or I'll kill you." It has a pursuasive argument, so I'm going, bye!
Moynelle: I was having problems with clicking on my Digos... not long ago.
Moynelle: Hm
Auora: Now she isn't frozen, that's odd.
xPi: your dream's host froze up
Auora: Dangit.
Auora: Stupid dream
Takuto Ryuko: Back.
El Borracho stumbles off drunkenly.