Interview with gyerfry
Where the creator of Furc Funny News talks about robots, Neylagate, and naked Talzhemir; and a bunch of random people interrupted like 80 times, the jerks!

El Borracho: Alright then! First of all, who are you?
El Borracho thrusts a microphone in front of gyerfry.
gyerfry: I am just a winged wolf, one of the residents of WMH. I'm also owner of FFN, which is pretty much dead, but will be revived.
El Borracho: Will it? Will Furc Funny News really be revived?
gyerfry: Yes.
El Borracho: Are you sure?
El Borracho: Shh, Kiyi!
Kiyichichi hisses.
gyerfry: Yes, and it shall help Muskrat take over Furcadia
Kiyichichi: ....
Kiyichichi: It better.
El Borracho: Very kickass and awesome, indeed!
Kiyichichi: Speaking of kickass
[=] System Announcement: Happy Tenth Birthday, Furcadia! Everybody enjoy your free dragons, gryffes, phoenixes and wings till midnight to celebrate. We're the first and only MMORPG to keep going for ten years nonstop!
Kiyichichi: Where's that port, El?
El Borracho: Uhh... it's not up yet... it... I'm conducting an interview!
Simseth: What's the site for the Muskrat Paper? I forgot?
Neyla: oo;
Kiyichichi: Ah.
Kiyichichi: >.>
gyerfry: Can we lose the pheo's? their ruining my image (Naw, JK)
Simseth: This is my main digo when it's not digo day :P
Neyla: Luckeh D:
Kiyichichi: Sim, you're a sexy gryffe :o
El Borracho: Now then, gyerfry, who I can no longer see because Neyla is between us, how are we supposed to pronounce your name?


Kiyichichi, El Borracho, Neyla, gyerfry, Simseth, and... someone else? Furcadia's Super Happy Tenth Anniversary Battle Mecha Celebration Party! dream, also known as the WorldCon dream.

gyerfry: Gear-free
El Borracho: And are you, in truth, free of gears?
gyerfry: Yup.
Neyla hurrays?
El Borracho: So you're not a robot? What do you have against robots?
Neyla: xD
Kiyichichi: xD
gyerfry: I have nothing agenst robots. I'm getting a Roboraptor for Christmas xD.
Neyla: Yey
El Borracho: Now then, let's get down to business. Did you have sexual relations with that woman?
El Borracho points at Neyla.
Neyla gasps :O
Simseth: Roflmao
Neyla: xD
gyerfry: No, before today it I never knew she existed.
El Borracho: I see. What would you say the definition if "is" is?
Simseth: rofl
Kiyichichi mumbles something.
gyerfry: Hmmm, the difinition of "Is".........
El Borracho: How tall are you?"
gyerfry: A helper adjective or something.
Neyla: XD
gyerfry: I am 50 ft tall
El Borracho: I'm 51 feet tall. Ha ha, I win!
gyerfry: Next question?
El Borracho: What do you think the funniest thing about Furcadia is?
Drake Osiris: you.
Hell's Offspring pokes Borracho, watches as he says a magical phrase "eat burritos"
Simseth: Being Furry
Hell's Offspring: o-o
El Borracho: Shh, I'm asking gyerfry!
Simseth: and FurN
Hell's Offspring: xD
Simseth: So
Hell's Offspring: LOL
Kiyichichi: FurN is always funny
gyerfry: The noobs. They are so easy to laugh at and so easily frustrated.
Drake Osiris blows up a bus full of noobs.
Hell's Offspring: Crap I thought those were nuns
Hell's Offspring: x.x
gyerfry chears Drake on.
Drake Osiris: XD
Hell's Offspring: xD
El Borracho writes in his notebook. "I see. Now then, who would you rather see naked, Felorin or Talzhemir?"
Hell's Offspring drools
Drake Osiris: his interrogations usually involve six or more random questions when he meets you.
gyerfry: ..... Talz I guess
Hell's Offspring wants to be interviewed
Hell's Offspring: LIAR
Hell's Offspring: dont lie to the muskrat
Hell's Offspring: ;;
Hell's Offspring cries
gyerfry is scared now.......
Hell's Offspring: xD
gyerfry: xD
El Borracho: So you want to see Talzhemir naked? You do know she's in her 40s, don't you?
Felorin spies an Emmie!
Kiyichichi: lol.
Simseth: So
Hell's Offspring: o-o;;;;;
Felorin hugs. :-)
Kiyichichi: I SEE...FELORIN
Kiyichichi stares at Felorin.
Hell's Offspring: Awww Fel and Emmie are so cute
Telford notes that is not Emmie, that is Gar.
gyerfry: You said "Who would you rather" So I don't really want to see her naked.
Hell's Offspring: Afraid of the wrinkles?
Drake Osiris: and yes they are love. as cute as us HRT
El Borracho: Nice save. I, for one, would love to see both of them naked, bathing in chocolate pudding, but I digress.
Hell's Offspring: ...
Kiyichichi: .....El.
Hell's Offspring: o.o
Kiyichichi: Felorin is like, right there. XD
DJ Mike takes a photo.
El Borracho: Oh, crap.
El Borracho: This interview is OVER!
Hell's Offspring: D:
Kain Ragnorok: El Borracho!?
Neyla: xD
Kiyichichi: RUN EL
Hell's Offspring: :-)
gyerfry: Aw man..........
El Borracho runs away in embarrassment, crying.
Blueray: This place is scary