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VOL. 18


Laughter at HOF increases by 2%

Hyoomans On Furcadia, a popular website which displays pictures of hyoomans (a really freaky way to spell humans, probably created to confuse people into clicking on pottery ads) sighted in Furcadia, has always been popular among furres. However, in recent months (the past 60 or so months), the site has become a haven (not Haven or The Haven) for furres looking for something to laugh at.

"LOL, look at their funny noses and lack of fur!" said Pansat Swivelwry, who then proceeded to link to every picture she could find. Furres are also extremely amused by the fact that most of the humans do not possess the beauty of supermodels. This is hilarious. But considering the type of humans who venture to Furcadia, it probably shouldn't be a surprise.

Jealous of the vastly superior amount of traffic and laughs that HOF gets, we at The Muskrat have decided to copy them. We already have a new Google ad box because we're selling out, and we will never give it up. Just like HOF!


Damadar offers to purchase Furcadia

On Sunday, 1940s mafioso and virtuoso kazoo musician Damadar offered to purchase Furcadia from Dragon's Eye Productions for the sum of $67.45, sources say. This offer comes as DEP is in the midst of a financial quagmire (kwag-mahyuhr). One detail that may be an issue is Damadar's demand to fire all existing DEP staff, except Talzhemir, who he would keep as an unpaid intern. DEP is currently reviewing Damadar's proposal and has not yet issued a statement about their decision.


Another article about the forums

A whistleblower study found that everything that comes across as being remotely eerie or coincidental is the fault of one of our reporters. The reporter will be fired as soon as he finishes writing this senten- what? Hey, wait!


Alts for sale

The following alts are for sale. We're selling them for gift art, preferably mature art, by which I mean art that depicts people engaging in an uninhibited manner that may not be appropriate for children to observe.


My Evening Fatigues

John C. Calhoun

Brat Simpson

Innocent Murderess

Atlantis Marmoset

Sapphire Fire

The Incredible Exploding Septic Tank

Furcadia creator undergoes secret surgery

Recently, rumors have been circulating that Felorin, Furcadia's co-creator, CEO, and pimpmaster, underwent some kind of surgery. Reports on the type of surgery varied from a nose job to whisker implants, but the most popular rumor is that he had a sex change. Felorin laughed at these rumors. "ThaT's ridiculOUs! I'm very seCure witH My masculine idEntity," he told our reporter in a phone interview. Actually, he may have been crying; we're not sure because our connection was bad. We should switch to Cingular™: Raising the Bar.

He was not laughing, or crying, however, when shocking paparazzi photographs allegedly displaying the surgery results were released. This is most likely because he was asleep at

This was, of course, the happiest day of Felorin's life

A shocking picture taken by Drake Osiris, our undercover photojournalist, who isn't undercover anymore, thanks to me.
Click for the full picture.

the time. The shocking photographs seem to show Felorin, in avian form, with E or possibly F sized breasts. Breasts are also known as boobs, bazongas, janga-rangas, mammaries, gerunds, or the all new Saab™ 97X™.

Felorin is currently vacationing in Dubai, waiting for the unwelcome publicity created by this article to blow over. We regret nothing.


Boxing match wows forum spectators

On Thursday, Pagan goddess Emerald Flame and the Shakesperean Vincalad Romeo fought in a highly publicized boxing match in front of thousands of screaming, borderline psychotic fans.

This match was for the title, although the exact title is unknown. It was probably "Ms." or "Mrs." The fight was a rousing one, wildly exciting for everyone who was lucky enough to be a spectator.

An accurate portrait

Emerald Flame

Unfortunately, all of the the footage has since been deleted, so the result of the match is forever lost in the mists of time.


I would like to call your attention to the beautifully rendered flamingo