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VOL. 11

MONDAY, JULY 10, 2006

The Muskrat wins big at Furcadia Awards

All of Furcadia’s glamour in one place at one time! Who wore what? Who won what awards? Who drank too much Cristal and vomited into Felorin’s lap? The Muskrat gives you this exclusive report on the 16th annual Furcadia Awards. Dubbed the “Furkys,” these awards have been given to honor those Furcadians who are the sexiest, best dressed, and just the greatest at… whatever it is that they do.

that's totally photoshopped man

Freaky Furky

Tonight, The Muskrat (which is what you’re reading now, you fool) was given a record four Furkys. We won in the categories of Most Honest News Website, Funniest Liar, Blandest Colored Furcadia-related Website, and Best Supporting Actor (for El Borracho in his portrayal of Nikodemus). We at the Muskrat thank the Academy, because otherwise we’d look like ingrates and then people would hate us even more.

Anyways, we also stick our tongues out in 😛 fashion at those who lost. To those losers, we say: Ha, ha, ha! In your FACE!