VOL. 7

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2006

Random words

Cranberry ennui fork the stampede caramel bottom slap. Shampoo flailing Talzhemir psychokinesis onions fancy scamper. Thrusting evil limes. Listless? Frightening? Crumbly??? Slurp.

Spork tangible Cironir creepy fingers Nitemyste sherpa humanism citrus. Free Willy. Propoganda chew Steve Buscemi of spanking. Babies loganberries shove maple syrup oh God I'm tired bruschetta announced neologism please make it stop noodles gallop flapping gasoline. Incumbent stew gondola marbles #&$?ing pahoehoe gentlemen Bueller. Portugal lurks flamboyantly rotten cheese ungulate a gulch cheese Herman Melville fornicating laundry.

In other news, prostitutes running violent Jumanji prophet with watery flesh corpuscles uppercut wormy lozenge chapel biznitch which mushrooms. Machinations, dirt children scream Jehova. Globules in crennelations aardvark of matzo balls.

Petticoat junction OH DEAR GOD ANENOMES EVERYWHERE malarkey grope juggernaut beans fink soy beans aspire salivating gardeners Ω seven noncorporeal kibble flamingo violin spectacular sprinting powers Felorin? Grandparents alphabet groaning Felorin! Persimmons freak jumping shoe with YOU DIDN'T FINISH THE JOB castration plastic vermiculite. Millet frisking spermicide paper wears IS MY CAPS LOCK ON I CAN'T TELL frozen 2½. On further examination, monstrosity blave dripping fat delicious I love it.


What, again??

Why is this image still here?


Felorin made out of Froot Loops

Felorin announced recently that he was made of the cereal Froot Loops. Soon afterwards, his spine exploded into a thousand happy little fragments. I ate them.

Franklin Deleanor Rosenfeld reacted to this news with a shower of bunnies. Joe, will I never see you again? I'm sorry, you have the wrong number, you jerk. Marsupials everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. Anyway, Felorin is still made of Froot Loops and they still spell it wrong to confuse people. God.


Alts for sale

The following alts are for sale, okay?


lol no alts this week lmao rofl


No news

There wasn't any news this week. Nothing happened at all (except for the Froot Loops thing, which is real).

So Instead of news, we've made you one of those personality quizzes that tells you what kind of Beekin you are (deep down). This has never been done before.



Approximately how many hours do you spend in Furcadia per week?

0 to 5

10 to 14

14 to 21

21 to 22

30 to 37.5

more than 37.5??!


Where do you generally socialize while on Furcadia?

Naia Green

Furrabian Nights



private dream

private dream (conspiratorial)

I don't know how to socialize


What does the term "online community" mean to you?

People talking online... lol?

Friends and enemies

A heirarchy to ascend. A ladder to climb!

A place to display my impressive talents and skills

I try not to think about communities. People annoy me

A multifaceted sociological experience that unites all disparate viewpoints and

diverse cultures blah blah blah


Why would you like to join the Beekin volunteer program?

To look cool

To boss people around


What do you like to do when you're not online?

Blow stuff up

Flirt with strange men

Taunt children

Abuse recreational drugs

I don't know what I'd do


Whom do you admire the most?

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent


Sigmund Freud


George W. Bush