VOL. 6


Furcadians prepare to hate new update

With the new Furcadia update allegedly coming soon, furres everywhere are getting ready to hate whatever changes it will bring. “I remember back when they introduced the rabbits,” said purple squirrel Warsaw Vinypelts. “God, I hated those damn things. Then there was the gryffe update, and the first time I saw a gryffe I almost vomited. After that came the squirrels… I… I don’t like to think about the squirrels.” Vinypelts shuddered, causing his bat wings to ripple.

Furres who were given a sneak preview of the new bovine avatar have gladly begun to unleash a venomous spew of hatred towards its creators. “Man, whoever came up with that is messed in the head,” said Walter Wavysnips. “I’m going to find them and beat them up and laugh at them. Afterwards, I’ll relax on the veranda and enjoy some superb 1995 Pinot Noir from my wine cellar.”

An online petition has already been started to have the changes cancelled. Some, however, are going further and have repeatedly asked Felorin to revert Furcadia back to its very first stage. When reached for comment, Felorin predictably said, “I’m just this cat, you know.” This seriously annoyed me so I stole his hat and ran away.

As I ran through Allegria Island, suddenly Cironir appeared in front of me. He tripped me and I fell over clutching the hat and he was like, “Gimme the hat!” and I was like, “No!” and he was like, “GIVE IT!” and I was like, “No way!” Then he started tickling me until I could no longer hold onto it and he grabbed it and walked away. Jerk.

Anyway, the new update is gonna totally suck.