VOL. 39


Don't worry, it's *IN*flammable!


Illegal aliens arriving with The Muskrat?

by Matthew

Yes, it’s being argued that The Muskrat’s own “Kittyloaf” has used the delivery truck to cross illegal immgirants and perhaps even humans through the Furcadian border. Kittyloaf denies the whole thing, of course. We’ve included a transcript of what our reporter asked her today:

Wolfpawz pulls out a paper and pencil and a false mustache

Kittyloaf: hmm ?

You say, “Good day kittyloaf, I got some questions about the muskrat truck”

You say, “Is it true, It is being used to ship illegal immigrants and *gasp* Humans!??! Into furcadia?”

Kittyloaf: Umm Im not at liberty to say >.>

Kittyloaf: it IS used to ship newspapers

You say, “And is it also true that the immigrants have been wrecklessly drinking and driving and ruining furc? And you are contrubuting to it?”

Kittyloaf: Umm No comment?

You say, “And the fact that it’s not even owned by the muskrat O:”

Kittyloaf: Umm El Borracho is the one who drinks perhaps you should ask him ?

Also, Wolfpawz, who works with the Furcadian CIA, had this to say: “If those humans keep coming here illegally, Furcadia will be screwed! We have to protect it, even if it means having guards follow the Muskrat’s trucks!” Wolfpawz was outraged. Oh, and my cover as Matthew has been blown! Anyway, be on the look out for illegal immigrants tied together with your newspaper, and report them to Guardians or the Furcadian CIA ASAP.

Matthew is not secretly Wolfpawz. Don’t listen to the rumors.