Interview with Vlady
Where the famed and unknown Vlady speaks about "Mat", his own dreams of human sacrifice to ancient gods, and "pecker". The Muskrat's The Other Guy and El Borracho conducted the interview, if you can call it that.

The Other Guy: Hi.
Vlady: Good morning.
El Borracho: Anyway, V Lady. Why did you choose to be a V Lady and not some other sort of lady?
Bear chants turning El into a garpike
The Other Guy: The World According to Garpike
Vlady: I guess because a V looks like an arrow pointing down, which distracts people.

The Other Guy's face cannot be shown due to the nature of his work.

El Borracho: I see. Do you feel slighted by the fact that Mat is welcomed in Naia Green and you aren't?
Vlady: Nah, I tend to welcome mat everywhere I see him.
Vlady: He's a really likable guy.
The Other Guy: Mat is a fool. He makes me spit with anger.
El Borracho: So you're not jealous in any way? You have no desire to tear his limbs off viciously, screaming the names of long-forgotten deities?
The Other Guy spits on Vlady.
Vlady: Like I said, likable.
Vlady: Not while I'm awake, at least.
Vlady: The Other Guy's lucky I'm flightless, or I'd retaliate.
El Borracho: So you sacrifice virgins to The Warlike One, Squidlips The Almighty?
El Borracho: While you sleep, that is?
Bear is a virgin
Just a Furre: :o
OOC Nash OOC hugs bearsy
Bear hugs
jh'Scrud is just an ascerbic ascetic
Vlady: Yes I do. In fact, you're welcome to visit my dream anytime you like.
Just a Furre: :o
RolePlay Is Not Dead attacks and visciously mauls El Burrito
Just a Furre eyes El Borracho
El Borracho: Would you care to give us the dreamurl for your dream, for our two readers?
Just a Furre: me?
The Other Guy: No, me.
Just a Furre: oh xD
Just a Furre: that guy
The Other Guy: furc://The_Other_Guy
El Borracho: No, Vlady. We are conducting an interview, badly.
Just a Furre: btw, El, I seriously enjoy The Muskrat :-P
Vlady: Actually, my dream url is furc://Yug_Rehto_Eht
RolePlay Is Not Dead eats The Other Guy with a light sprinkling of paprika and a parsley sprig
The Other Guy frowns.
Just a Furre: aw crud
jh'Scrud: furc://getbentandsmoke:abanana
jh'Scrud: it's Scrud ;-)
El Borracho: Me too, Just a Furre! The people who write it are great!
Just a Furre: I hear that's you :-P
Bear grinz
El Borracho: Thank you, Vlady, for the fake URL. But let's get serious for a moment.
jh'Scrud: Bleakens fear me... for good reason
Vlady: Hey, what kind of interview is this?
Ancient Wizard: Nights Nash, Cinna, jh, fox and everyone else cept you El. Your presence is enough to stay turning dreams to nightmares.
Bear: or
Bear: ok.. furc://bear
Just a Furre: lol
Ancient Wizard: (kidding)
The Other Guy: Serious? That would be silly.
RolePlay Is Not Dead: he blames Honcho for some strange reason .. always blames Poor ole Honch.. in fact he called him "Just another Furre" .. another case of slander
Just a Furre: Does anyone object to me eating this kiwi? :-\
El Borracho: A quite horrible one, as usual.
Bear: You can't eat a Bear Mouse
Vlady: Ok, I'll bite. Let's get serious.
The Other Guy: Can you eat a Bear cat?
The Other Guy: Or maybe a cat Bear...
Vlady: I suppose I could.
jh'Scrud eats only volunteers
Vlady: I'd rather not try, though.
The Other Guy: Ah, like Armin Meiwes. [Editor's note: who the hell is Armin Meiwes?]
El Borracho: But as for my question to you, Vlady. How do you feel about the state of Furcadia, as it is, sandwiched between Oklahoma and Mexico?
jh'Scrud: the state of Furcadia is Denial. Get used to it
El Borracho: No, Vlady!
RolePlay Is Not Dead drools all over El Burrito like Homer Simpson at the Word "sandwiched"
Bear: I say pack up all the spam in AI and sell it in a can
Vlady: I don't agree with that at all. I think Furcadia should be forever free, not trapped like that.
Bear: sell it as a Spotted Dick
jh'Scrud: Spam don't sell, just ask Fel
El Borracho: Oh dear. This interview is going from bad to worse.
Bear: you have never eaten a can of spotted dick before?
jh'Scrud aint a britstakler
OOC Nash OOC sadly shakes his head and mutters "its always like a train wreck"
The Other Guy: Perhaps Spotted Benedick... [Editor's note: What the hell is a Benedick?]
Vlady: I'd never want to have to interview someone, that's for sure.
Just a Furre thinks: no comment. now where's my spam
El Borracho: Me neither. Well, Vlady, do you have any final comments for our one remaining reader?
jh'Scrud: @ My soul is a tomb where, bad cenobite, I wander and dwell eternally; Nothing adorns the walls of that loathsome cloister. O lazy monk! When shall I learn to make Of the living spectacle of my bleak misery The labor of my hands and the love of my eyes?
The Other Guy: That's so dark, Scrud.
Vlady: Yeah, click on me.
(You see Vlady.)
> A little pecker never hurt anyone.

That's uncouth!

El Borracho: ... I see.
RolePlay Is Not Dead: Im not dead yet, I feel better, I think I'll go for a walk.. I Feel Happy!... happy.. happy
jh'Scrud: it's a sloppy partial Baudelaire translation, Fleurs Du Mal is a masterwork
The Other Guy: I'll take your word for it!
Bear: oh dear.. last time someone clicked on him they lost there vigirnity
El Borracho: I'll try to erase that from my memory now.
Vlady: Well that's just great. Now I have to find someone else to sacrifice.
RolePlay Is Not Dead: and caught a nasty Computer virus I heard ...
jh'Scrud: purge memory like the colon: eat yer veggies
El Borracho sighs. "Interview over, I guess."
El Borracho breaks down into tears.
Just a Furre: I didn't do it.
Vlady: Don't worry. It'll all work out in the end.
The Other Guy: Poor Elbow Rash.
Vlady: Just keep at it.
jh'Scrud was called here, is trapped by the demand
RolePlay Is Not Dead leaves log file evidence proving once again that tales of his demise are greatly exaggerated
El Borracho bows drunkenly to the interviewee.
The Other Guy pats Vlady on the head and says, "How cute!"
Vlady: Alright! It's been fun!
Vlady: Thank you for your time!
El Borracho: Y....yes.
jh'Scrud keens
The Other Guy: No, thank you! THANK YOU!!
The Other Guy falls over.
Vlady flies off mysteriously.
Just a Furre beans own head on tree
OOC Nash OOC: kiwis dont fly >.>
El Borracho: There goes a great man.